Tiffany Divelbiss

Tiffany Divelbiss



CrossFit L2, L1
Burgener Strength Level 1
CrossFit Nutrition
CrossFit Kids
Precision Nutrition L1
Certified Nutrition Consultant
U & Improve Leadership -Leader, Communicator, Warrior & Samurai
CrossFit Movement & Mobility

About Coach

I grew up dancing from 4th grade through college and did cheerleading in high school. I loved to be active and moving my body however I never felt "athletic". These were also two areas that were very focused on what your body looked like and I never felt comfortable in my own skin. After College I wanted to get healthy and in shape however I would get bored with the gym and not know what I was doing. I started my journey with Nutrition and getting myself on track helped me want to help others. I got certified as a Nutrition Consultant and opened up my own practice in a wellness center. The personal trainer at the same wellness center had just got his CrossFit Level 1 and started offering classes. I jumped in to a class and fell in love with it. I was learning new things, felt challenged and felt empowered. Each workout was different which kept my interest and made me want to come back for more. And the best part...I started to feel like and "athlete" for the first time in my life.

Turning Point

Confidence and self worth have always been a struggle for me. Everyday I stepped into my CrossFit class I was challenged to do my best and as long as I did that I felt accomplished and confident. This was the start of my personal journey to find the best version of myself. This journey started in 2008 and continues to challenge me to grow and strive to be better. The barbell always teaches me a life lesson...if I'm willing to listen.

Motivation & Passion

I have always loved to help people and the best part of using CrossFit as a tool to do so is seeing when people finally see themselves as I do....strong, capable, confident, powerful, and unstoppable! My purpose in life is to create an environment for people to find the best version of themselves. If someone can come into WildFire and find their best self, then whatever else they do in life will be epic. I am here to create that opportunity for them and help them see that they are capable of more than they know.

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