Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee


Deadlift 315

Back squat 235

Squat Clean 175

Grace 2:35


CrossFit Level 1 Certificate

U the Leader Diploma of Excellence

Mindset RX’d Coaching Certificate

Internship CrossFit One Nation - Boston, MA

Internship CrossFit City Line - Watertown, MA

About Coach

I grew up with gymnastics. I became a cheerleader and ran track and field. I was a high school cheer coach before I started my professional career. I first heard of CrossFit when my personal trainer at a traditional gym said I’d be good at it if I ever bothered with cardio. I started a new job and was pouring all my energy into that and burning out. My boss said I needed to get a hobby so I remembered CrossFit. While I have changed jobs several times since then, I still continue with CrossFit because I automatically have a common interest with people wherever I have moved.

Turning Point

My own self-doubt has been my biggest enemy. I didn’t think I was incapable of anything until I saw people’s reactions to me. “YOU’RE the manager?!” And then I filled in the rest of the story that caused that reaction because I look young, I’m a woman, I’m a minority and suddenly, I didn’t feel like I deserved what I had earned. With the help of a loving team, I have learned that I don’t need to look a certain way to know my power and strength.

Motivation & Passion

I LOVE food, all the food. That’s how I originally got into fitness because I was trying to out-train a bad diet. I have since learned how to fuel my workouts properly, but I also still believe food is still good for the soul. I help foster community. We sweat together, we cheer each other on, and we win together. It sucks at the time but feels so rewarding afterward. I love making people feel like they belong and are supported in their journey regardless of how they look or their current skill level. We’re all just trying to get a little bit better. I can help with that.

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