Quarterly Challenge Starts April 15th-Pull Ups

April 12, 2024
Quarterly Challenge Starts April 15th-Pull Ups

Spring has sprung and here at Wildfire Crossfit we intend to see those muscles poppin’ too.

Congratulations to the Quarter 1 challenge finishers and cheers to step one of the 2024 challenge completion.

Our second challenge involves building foundations and adding to the base we have already built.

We will be on a journey together towards that first strict pull up or increasing your capacity in pull ups or even chest to bar pull ups.....strict that is!

We will be working on a four week template of accessory work designed to build the strength and range of motion you need to access your most gymnasty self yet.

We love testing and retesting to measure our progress.

The first test will see you muster as many strict pull ups you can in one set. If you do not yet have the skills for a single full repetition, that's okay. The goal is to build that over the next 4 weeks.

The measurements you can use for the initial test are as follows:

Max Strict Pull up

Max Time in Overhand Hang

Max banded Pull up (note band and grip style)

Max Ring Row (Note ring height and foot placement)

Once this test is done we can begin the challenge.

If you have yet to accomplish a strict pull up-

Follow our 4 week training guide! Log your completion of each day in BTWB. All 3 workouts for the week will be posted on Mondays starting April 15th and continuing for the next 3 Mondays. These will be listed under the "Challenge" track in BTWB so that you have access to all 3 workouts at the begining of the week. The goal is to do them on 3 separate days of your choosing throughout the week. To get acces to the challenge track in BTWB go to your settings...follow tracks....toggle on the challenge track. Then you will be able to see them and log them as that will signify you completing the challenge at this level.

If you have 1-5 strict pull ups-

You will challenge yourself by completing 100 burpee pull ups a week. Log in BTWB!

If you have 6-19 strict pull ups-

You will challenge yourself by completing 100 strict pull ups with a 2 sec pause in the hang a week. Log in BTWB!

If you have over 20 strict pull ups-

Wow!! Challenge yourself by completing 100 strict C2B pull ups a week Log in BTWB!

At the end of 4 weeks we will retest.

If you have any questions ask a coach. We want to help.

Let's cheer eachother on the next 4 weeks and get all the pull ups!

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