Programming: March 28th - April 1st, 2022

March 28, 2022
Programming: March 28th - April 1st, 2022

Programming: March 28th – April 1st,2022

Monday, March 28th, 2022 (YouTube Video)

Warm up:
2 rounds for quality of:

1minDouble Under Practice

10Shoulder Dislocates W/ Pvcs

20 PVCOverhead Squats

5 MuscleSnatch + Power Snatch + Snatches

5 SnatchBalances

Strength: Snatch Balance


Then:Squat Snatch 3-3-3


LightWeight: 5-7 Reps for Each

Every2-3 min


DB:1-Arm OH Squat

Then:1-Arm Squat Snatch

4 RepsEach Arm 4 Rounds of Each


Bodyweight:5 x 10 Squat Drops

Then: 4x 8 Burpee High Jumps


WOD:6 mins of:

3 SquatSnatch 135/95 lbs

30Double Unders

Scale:(2:1 Single)



3 SquatSnatch =

3 1-ArmSquat Snatch (Each Arm)

OR: 6Burpee High Jumps

Tuesday, March 29th, 2022

Warm up: 2 rounds for quality of:

10Jumping Air Squats

5 RingRows

10 BoxStep-ups

RingSupport Hold, 20 secs


Skill:Every 2 mins for 10 mins:

3 MuscleUp Progressions


NoBar: Every 2min x 10min

5 BenchDips & 7 Gymnastics Push Ups


RxTest: Max Set of:

UnbrokenMuscle Ups


IntTest: Max Set Of:

UnbrokenStrict Pull Ups


ScaleTest: Max Set of:

UnbrokenInverted Row on Barbell


Bodyweight Test: Max Set of:

UnbrokenGymnastics Push Ups


WOD:3min AMARP x 4 Cycles

3/2Strict Pull-ups

5 BoxJumps, 24/20 in

7 AbMatSit-ups

1minRest Between Cycles

&Continue AMRAP Each Cycle


BodyweightMods: 3min AMARP x 4

5 BenchDips

5 Box ORBroad Jumps OR Lunges

7 SitUps

Wednesday,March 30th, 2022  

Warm up: 8 min AMRAP of:

250m RowOR 1min Cardio

10 GoodMornings

10 SumoSquats

10 ScapPush-ups

10Push-up to Down Dogs


Strength:Sumo Deadlift



DB/Light:Sumo Deadlift

5-7 RepsEvery 2min x 10 Rounds


Bodyweight:10 Sumo Squats

& 8Glute Bridges

Every2min x 10 Rounds


WOD:3 rounds for time of:

10 SumoDeadlifts 225/155 lbs


250m RowOR 1min Cardio


Dumbbells:3 Rounds for Time

10 SumoDeadlift High Pulls

20 PushUps

200m RunOR 1min Cardio


BodyweightModification: 3 Rounds

12 SumoSquat Jumps

20 PushUps

200m RunOR 1min Cardio

Thursday, March 31st, 2022

Warm up: For Quality

1x (100mJog + 100m Run + 100m Skip + 100m Run)

10Straight Leg Raises

10 OverUnders

10 V-ups

1minCouch Stretch

10 SideLeg Raises

10Single Leg Broad Jumps

1minPigeon Stretch


Endurance:Band Resisted Run:

4x 100 m


NoBand/Partner: 20 High Knees

x 4


Endurance:400m Run For Time

OR 500mRow

OR 2minCardio


WOD:For time:

300m RunOR 90sec Cardio

--then: 3 rounds of:

20Russian KB Swing 53/35 lbs

10Toes-to-bars (OR V-Ups)

--then: 300m Run OR 90sec Cardio

--then: 3 rounds of:

20Russian KB Swing 53/35 lbs

10Toes-to-bars (OR V-Ups)

--then: 300m Run OR 90sec Cardio

Friday, April 1st, 2022

2 rounds for quality of:

200mWaiters Walk 25/15 lbs

10Down/Up Dog Stretches

10 PikePush-ups


20secEcho Bike



1000Burpees For Time

(2 HourCap)




























Strength:Axle Bar Push Press

1 RepMax



DB/Barbell:Push Press

1 RepMax


ORMax Rep in a Row


Bodyweight:Pike Push Ups


Then:Max Rep in a Row


WOD:For time:

100 AxleBar Shoulder-to-OH 95/65

EveryBreak = 5cal Bike


DB/Barbell:For time

100 PushPress

EveryBreak = 5cal Bike

OR:20sec High Knees


Bodyweight:For time

100 PushUps

EveryBreak = 20 High Knees


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