Programming: January 17th - 21st, 2022

February 6, 2022
Programming: January 17th - 21st, 2022

The Blog is back! Thank you for your patience as we got it set up and ready. We will continue posting the workouts for the week here. As you may have seen, we have a whole new system for communication now. Many of you took the time to fill out Google Reviews recently and we REALLY appreciate it!!

Programming: January 17th – 21st, 2022

Monday, Januarya7th, 2022

Warm up: For time:

10x 2Forward Lunges+1 Air Squat

+2 Side Lunges

30 Jump Ropes

10 Plate Calf Raises 45 lbs

5 Front Squats 45/35 lbs

10 Front Rack Lunges 45/35 lbs

10Lateral Bar Hops

10 Alt Deep Lunge + Rotations

10 Down Dog + Calf Marches

10 Pvc Front Rack Stretches

WOD: For time:

19 Front Squats 75/55 lbs

63Double Unders

19 Front Squats 95/65 lbs

64Double Unders

19 Front Squats 115/75 lbs

64Double Unders

19 Front Squats 135/95 lbs

65Double Unders

19 Front Squats 155/105 lbs

68Double Unders


No Bar/Rope Modifications:

30 Air Squats

Double Unders = Lateral Jumps


WOD: Double Unders and Front Squats to start off your week. The good news is that if you are doing the 10K Double Under challenge, you are going to get a lot closer today. For this workout, work on going as unbroken as possible through both the Double Unders and the Front Squats. The Front Squats are going to get heavier after each set. If you need to break them up, go for it, a great goal would be to get through them in 3 or less sets, even at the heaviest weight. That said, if you can go unbroken, go for it! Also, work on transitioning as quickly as possible between exercises, taking a couple breaths and then moving to the next one.

Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Warm up:
7 min AMRAP of:

10 Band Pull Aparts

10Strict 6 Count Burpees

10Banded Lat Pull Downs

Burgener Clean Warm Up

1-3:Dip, Drive, & Shrug

4-6:Elbows High & Outside

7-9:Muscle Clean

WOD: 5 Rounds x 3min AMRAP of:


4Lateral Burpee Over Bars

3 Hang Power Cleans 135/95 lbs


1minRest Between Each Round

Restart AMRAP after each round


No Pull Up Bar:

5 Bent Over Rows

4Lateral Burpees

3 Hang Power Cleans



5 Pike Push Ups

4Lateral Burpees over Object

6 Sit Ups


Post WOD Mobility:

Every2min x 10min

Alternating Between:

Pigeon Left Side

Pigeon Right Side

Seated Forward Fold

Couch Stretch (Left)

Couch Stretch (Right)


WOD: Today we’ve got a “Chief” style workout, doing As Many Rounds As Possible in3min for 5 Rounds with a 1min Rest between each round. The point is to go as fast as possible during the 3minutes knowing you are going to get a 1min Rest after each period. The Reps for each exercise are small enough that you should be able to go unbroken for each of them with quick transitions between exercises. You are going to restart each round at the beginning, so once your rest period is up, be at the pull up bar, ready to go. During your rest period, small sips of water, grab a seat, and get ready to go again. As always, get as close to the prescribed range of motion as possible for each exercise. Since the Cleans are from the Hang Position, get as close to the prescribed weight as possible while choosing a weight you can do all 3 Cleans in a row.  


Wednesday, January 19th, 2022

Warm up:
3 Rounds For Quality

30secRow Calorie

10Barbell Good Mornings

10 Mule Kick Get Ups

10 Med Ball Thruster Toss 20/14 lbs

5Deadlifts pick load

WOD: Open WOD 16.4/17.4

13 min AMRAP of:

55Deadlifts 225/155 lbs

55 Wall Balls 20/14 lbs | 10/9 ft

55 Row Calories

55Handstand Push-ups


Modifications:13min AMRAP of:


55 DB Thrusters

55 Sumo High Pulls

55Handstand Push Ups


Bodyweight:13min AMRAP

55 1-LegGlute Bridge

55Jumping Squats

55 Mule Kicks

55Handstand/Pike Push Ups

Post WOD Strength:

Every 2mins for 10 mins

5Romanian Deadlifts pick load


DB/KB/Light: Every 2min x 10min

7-10Romanian Deadlifts



Every 2mins for 10 mins

6 1-LegGlute Bridges

4 MuleKicks

Thursday. January 20th, 2022

Warm up: 5 min AMRAP of:

10 PVCShoulder Pass Throughs

10Overhead Squats

20secEcho Bike

10Muscle Snatches

10Snatch Balances


Active -Burgener-Style Warm-Up

3Snatch-grip Shrugs

3 Hang Snatch High Pulls

3 Muscle Snatches

3Overhead Squats

1 2inSnatch Land

1 4inSnatch Land

1 6inSnatch Land

3 Snatch Lands


Strength: Every 90sec x 9min

1 Snatch Balance

+Overhead Squat pick load


DB/KB: Every 90sec x 9min

2 1-ArmSnatch Balance (Each Arm)

+ 2  1-Arm OH Squats (Each Arm)


Bodyweight: Every 90sec x 9min

5Jumping Squats

+ 5 Arms Overhead Air Squats

WOD: 3 Rounds for Max Reps

45sec of Each & 15sec Transition:

Echo Bike Calorie

Power Snatch 95/65 lbs

Row Calorie

Overhead Squat 95/65 lbs


No Bike/DB Modification:

High Knees

Alt1-Arm DB Snatch

Sumo DL High Pulls

Alt1-Arm DB OH Squats


Bodyweight Modifications:

High Knees

Archer Push Ups

Butt Kickers

Jumping Squats

Friday, January 21st, 2022

Warm up:3 Rounds For Quality:

8 Lunge+ Twists

8Push-up to Down Dogs

200m Run OR 1min Cardio

6 Alt1-Leg Toes-to-bars

6 Strict Knees-to-elbows


Seated DB Shoulder Press


Bent Over 1-Arm DB Row



Bodyweight: 5 Pike Push Ups

& 7Push Ups

Every2min (or so) x 10 Rounds

WOD: 12 min AMRAP of:

200m RowOR 1min Cardio

10 1-ArmDB Shoulder-to-OH 50/35



Bodyweight: 12min AMRAP

200m RunOR 1min Run in Place

10Archer Push Ups

10 V-Ups

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