Programming & Intentions: November 29th - December 3rd, 2021

January 7, 2022
Programming & Intentions: November 29th - December 3rd, 2021

Programming & Intentions: November 29th – December 3rd, 2021

Monday, November 29th, 2021

Warm up: 45sec Each x 2 Rounds
Alternating Front-to-Back Lunge
Inchworm Walk Out + Push Up
Alternating Superman Raise
Thoracic Spine Mobility

Strength: Hang Power Snatch

DB/KB/Light: Hang Power Snatch
4-6 Reps (Each Arm) Every 2min (or so)
x 5-7 Rounds

Bodyweight: 4 Plank Balance (Each Arm) & 5 Push Ups
Every 2min or so x 7 Rounds

WOD: 3min AMRAP x 5
2 Hang Power Snatch 155/105 lbs
4 Overhead Squats 155/105 lbs
30 Double Unders

DB/KB/Light: 3min AMRAP x 5
2 Hang Power Snatch Each Arm
3 Overhead Squats Each Arm
30 Double Unders

Bodyweight: 3min AMRAP x 3
3 Burpees
6 Jumping Squats
30 Double Unders or Vertical Jumps


Strength: Our Strength today is more of a warm up to get your form and technique dialed in for the workout. The Hang Power Snatch is an explosive lift where you deadlift the bar first, then go no lower than the top of the knees before driving the bar overhead in one fluid motion. The benefit of going from the Hang position instead of from the ground is that there is less room for error AND you can get your hips open before your elbows bend, helping you feel the proper form. As you start from the Hang position, drive your hips up, like a jump, then shrug before bending the elbows, keeping the bar close to your body, locking out overhead as you drop back under the bar. For weight, work on getting as heavy or heavier than you plan to go in the workout. You might even throw in an Overhead Squat or two in your last couple sets as they are going to be included in the workout.

WOD: Today we’ve got five 3-minute AMRAPS with 2 Hang Power Snatches, 4 Overhead Squats, and 30 Double Unders. With 90seconds of rest after each 3minute period, the whole point is to go as fast and as hard as possible. For the 2 Hang Power Snatches and 4 Overhead Squats, get as close to the prescribed weight as possible with the goal of going unbroken through the 6 reps for both. Once you finish your 2nd Hang Power Snatch, just be sure to stabilize before starting your first Overhead Squat, cuz losing it and having to Snatch it back up is going to waste a lot of energy. For the Double Unders, take a breath, relax, and work on going unbroken through each set. If you are still working on your Double Unders, you are going to do Lateral Jumps over the Bar, which is going to more closely simulate Doubles. During your rest, REST, grab a seat, grab a couple small sips of water, take a couple deep breaths to slow your heart rate, and get ready for the next round.

Tuesday, November 30th, 2021

Warm up: 3 rounds for quality of:
200m Run OR 1min Cardio
10 Push-up-to-Side Planks
20sec Bar Hang
10 Strict Press 45/35 lbs
20sec Bottom Of The Squat Hold

Strength: Every 1min X 15 min Alternating between:
5/3 Strict Pull-ups
5/3 Strict Ring Dips
5/3 Bent Over Barbell Row pick load

No Bar: Every 1min x 15min
Alternating Between:
7 Push Ups
7 Bench/Chair Dips
OR 5 Diamond Push Ups

WOD: For time:
15 Push Press 135/95 lbs
100m Run OR 30sec Cardio
12 Push Press 135/95 lbs
200m Run OR 1min Cardio
9 Push Press 135/95 lbs
300m Run OR 90sec Cardio

DB/KB/Light: 18-15-12
Push Press
OR 21-18-15
Push Ups


Strength: Strict Pulls Ups and Ring Dips are an important strength exercise a lot of people forget about once they get their Kipping or Butterfly Pull Ups down. We are going to work them today, so, even if you need to change up the prescribed reps, challenge yourself and get as close to the prescribed exercise as possible on both. For the Barbell Bent over Row, make it as heavy as possible WITH the full range of motion. This is also a strict movement, so bring the bar all the way up to the chest and back down to the hang. Work on squeezing the shoulder blades together as the bar comes up to the chest.

WOD: This is a simple workout, 3 Rounds of decreasing Reps of the Push Press and increasing Meters on the Run. Even if you need to break up the Push Press reps to get closer to the prescribed movement, keep it in large chunks and no more than 3 sets (5, 5, 5, for 15, 4, 4, 4 for 12, and 5 & 4 for 9) for each round. For the Run, go fast! The first 2 are sprints, and since the 3rd Run is the end of the workout, sprint it all the way in at the end.

Wednesday, December 1st, 2021

Warm up: 2 Rounds
x 30sec WORK | 15sec REST
Box Step-up 24/20 in
1-Arm Russian KB Swing 35/26 lbs
Alternating V-up
Slow Push-up

Strength: Kettlebell Swing

No KB: Mule Kicks
5 sets of 5 Each Leg

WOD: 5 Rounds, Each For Time:
30 AbMat Sit-ups
25 KB Swings 53/35 lbs
20 Box Jumps
10 Hand Release Push-ups

Rest 2 mins between each round.

KB Swings = Mule Kicks
Box Jumps = Broad Jumps
OR Lunges


Strength: Heavy Kettlebell swings are a great exercise when performed correctly to build core strength and power, coordination, and complete body control. There is also a strong correlation between the hip power generated in the Kettlebell Swing, your Olympic Lifts, AND Kipping Pull Ups, Bar Muscle Ups, & Ring Muscle Ups. Since we’ve got a longer WOD, we are going to go fairly quickly through these reps, so get a good set, get as heavy as possible (97 is the biggest Kettlebell we have) and if you max out in weight, go to failure with extra reps.

WOD: Aside from the Kettlebell Swings, this is a bodyweight workout. And it’s designed for you to go as fast as possible for each round, especially with a 2min Rest after each one. Find a pace that allows you to just keep moving through the Sit Ups, Box Jumps, and Push Ups. If you need to break up the Kettlebell Swings to get closer to the prescribed weight, go for it, just no more than 3 sets, and short rest between each one.

Thursday, December 2nd, 2021

Warm up: 2 Rounds For Quality:
200m Run OR 1min Cardio
30sec Squat Hold
10 Jumping Air Squats
10 Strict 6 Count Burpees

Strength: Front Squat
1 Rep Max

Suggested: 5-5-3-2-1….1

DB/KB/Light: Front Squat
OR 20sec Max Rep x 3

Bodyweight: Jumping Squats
4 Sets of 10 As Fast As Possible Every 2min

WOD: 30 Burpees For Time


Strength: Obviously the whole goal of a 1 Rep Max is to get as heavy as possible for 1 Rep. Just remember, you can’t get a true 1 Rep Max without failing at least once, so, even if we need to take weight off the bar and re-rack it, don’t be afraid to dump it if necessary. It’s equally important to keep good form and technique. The beauty of the Front Squat is that it’s a relatively safe lift, and like any “safe lift”, as long as you keep the proper form and technique. In this lift you are going to start with the barbell on the rack, get the bar across your chest in contact with the shoulders, and keep the elbows up and parallel to the ground. If you get stuck in the bottom, just dump it forward.

WOD: After you get a new PR on your 1 Rep Max Front Squat, we've got a little burner for you. This is going to be a quick one, so, go fast, find a rhythm, and keep moving. This one is as simple as it gets. If it helps to step back and up again, go for it, just be sure to pick it up on the last 5 reps or so.

Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Warm up: 2 Rounds For Quality:
10 Row Calories
10 Alt Deep Lunge + Rotations
10 Good Mornings
10 Straight Leg Sit-ups

Strength: 5 rounds
1 min each, for max reps of:
3 Power Cleans 1x BW
max reps in remaining time
Row Calories
Rest 30 secs

No Rower: 1min to complete:
3 Power Cleans
Max Rep Sumo High Pull

Bodyweight: 1min to complete
3 BurpeesMax Rep High Knees

WOD: 2 rounds for max reps of:
1000m Row OR 4min Cardio
Max Rep Power Clean .75x BW
Max Rep Toes-to-bars OR V-Ups
2min Rest Between Rounds

No Equip:
800m Run OR 4min Cardio
Max Rep Push Ups
Max Rep V-Ups
2min Rest Between Rounds


Strength: The goal of today’s strength is 3 bodyweight cleans followed immediately by a max calorie row in the remainder of the minute. The bodyweight cleans should take well under 30 seconds, and then, for the row, 1 stroke for guys and 1 ½ strokes for girls per calorie is a great goal, so, really work on maximizing your power for each stroke. For the Cleans, work on great form. The best form possible is going to help them go a lot faster, more efficient, and is going to save your energy for the Calorie Row. With only 30sec Rest between rounds, you are going to need to get off the rower, get to the bar, and get ready to go again quickly.

WOD: This workout is more about the reps than about the time. In fact, the longer each round takes, hopefully, that means you are getting more reps. Keep a good pace on the Row, once you get done, don't rush to the bar, take a few breaths and get ready. Max Reps means you must keep your hands on the bar the entire time. Rest between reps in the rack position, especially as the reps start to slow down. For the Toes to Bar, same thing. As soon as you let go, you are done, so hold on for as long as possible. Work on kipping as long as possible, when you start to slow down, hang on and keep doing singles as long as possible.

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