Programming & Intentions: November 1st - 5th, 2021

January 7, 2022
Programming & Intentions: November 1st - 5th, 2021

Monday, November 1st, 2021

Warm Up: 2 intervals 
Tabata 30/15
Row or Cardio
Band Resisted Run or high knees
Wide Push-up
Jump Rope
Diamond Push-up

Strength: Bench Press 

8 sets of 10

2 sets 10 push ups
2 sets 10 wide push up
2 sets 10 diamond push up WOD: For Time:

WOD: Break it how you want:
1000m Run
1000m Row
100 Double Unders

ROW= + 1000m Run/ 4.5 min cardio


Bench Day with lots of reps! Sets of 10 are going to help you build that upper body including your chest, biceps, shoulders, and upper back. Plus, with higher volume you are going to increase your stamina too. Be sure to make the last set or two challenging, gauging off your first few sets.

WOD: After a big time Strength day, we are going to get some Endurance in for the WOD. Rowing, Running, and Double Unders, broken up however you want. The more you break this one down (which is fine btw) the faster you need to go with the quicker transition time between exercises. Of you do everything in 1 to 2 sets, you can take a little longer in the transitions, just make sure you are ready to move forward after each exercise.

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2021

Warm Up: For quality:
20 Air Squats
10 Alt. Deep Lunge + Rotations
10 Fire Hydrant Hip
20 Alt Plank Opposite Toe Touch
10 3-secs Bottom Pause Back Squats
10 Sumo Stance Dumbbell Good Mornings 50/35 lbs

Strength: Back Squat :
1 Rep MaxRecommend 5-5-3-2-2-1-1-1

DB/KB= 3x MAX unbroken
Goblet Squats
Rest as needed

BW= 3x MAX unbroken Air Squats

WOD: For time:
2 rounds
28 Alt. Dumbbell Snatches
28 1 Arm Dumbbell
Overhead Lunges 50/35


Strength: The point of any 1 Rep Max is to GET HEAVY and the Back Squat is one of the heaviest lifts you can do. Be sure to get some good warm up sets in. The suggested rep scheme, before you get into your set of 1 is: 5-5-3-2-2. You are going to have plenty of time to get through your sets, so take a min or so between your warm up sets and a couple minutes between your sets of 1. Good form and technique is essential not only for safety, also to get the heaviest weight possible with full range of motion. If you aren't sure whether you are getting below parallel, ask a coach or another member to check your depth. It's also going to help to take a seat to take a load off between sets. As a suggestion, once your set is complete, add weight, grab a seat for a minute, then, once you are ready, GO FOR IT!! We want to hear the PR bell ringing off the hook today!!

WOD: With only 2 rounds of 2 exercises, the workout today is going to be a short burner, so, go fast. You've got 14 reps of each arm for the Alternating Dumbbell Snatch. If you need to break it up a bit to get heavier, go for it, just make sure it's a short rest between sets. For the Single Arm Dumbbell Overhead Lunges, you don't have to switch arms between reps, however, I'd strongly suggest alternating legs every rep. Also, get a good number of reps before switching arms. This is a go, Go, GO style of workout, so, keep moving, quick transitions between sets, GO, and HAVE FUN!

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021

Warm Up: 3 rounds for quality:
Run 200 m
10 Push-up to Down Dogs
5 Burpees
Handstand Hold, 20 secs

10 Min Alt EMOM:
3 Shoulder-to-Overhead pick load
3 Handstand Push-ups in

WOD: 5 cycles: 4 mins AMRAP:
5 Shoulder-to-Overheads, 165/115
10 AbMat Sit-ups
5 Deficit Handstand Pushups 3/1 in
10 Burpees

DB/KB: 10 (5 per arm)

BW: 10 object over head


Strength: Today we are working on overhead strength with 2 different exercises. Shoulder to Overhead means you can Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, or Split Jerk. The most efficient and heaviest is going to be the Push Jerk. That said, you should do whatever movement you plan to do for the WOD and get heavier than you plan to go in the WOD since you are only doing 3 reps at a time with rest afterwards. For the Handstand Push Ups, same thing, challenge yourself to do deficit or strict so you are ready to go for the workout. You are going to be alternating between each exercise, doing 3 reps of each, every min on the min for 5 rounds of each or 10 minutes. While we want you to get heavy and challenge yourself, this EMOM is going to be a great warm up for the workout which is the main event today.

WOD: We've got a GREAT one today! You are going to have 5, 4-minute AMRAPs of 4 different exercises with a 1 minute rest between each cycle. The point is to go as fast as possible for each cycle and stay as consistent as possible. In other words, if you complete 5 rounds in the first cycle, blow up, and can only do 1 or 2 for the rest of the cycles, it really defeats the purpose of the intensity in the beginning. Just like in the EMOM, you can choose which exercise you are going to do for the Shoulders To Overhead with the Push Press or Push Jerk being your most efficient options. Since you will be able to go off the rack, get as close to the prescribed weight as possible, just modify accordingly to get through as many sets as possible unbroken to keep the stimulus of the workout. For the Sit Ups, go fast with full range of motion. Challenge yourself on the Deficit Handstand Push Ups, just use the same logic as the Shoulders to Overhead. Doing 1 or 2 reps at a time and having to kick up and down off the wall is going to take up a lot of time. Finally, everyone's favorite, the Burpees. Whether you jump back and forward or step, just keep moving. In fact, if you've got the rhythm down with the step back, this might be a good chance to slow it down a bit and catch your breath to go right into the next round. Just don't slow it down too much. When it's time to rest, take a few long, slow breaths to slow down your heart rate so you can get ready for the next round. You are going to restart at the beginning of each cycle, so be ready at your bar with at least 5 seconds remaining.

Thursday, November 4th, 2021

Warm Up: 7 mins of:
10 Jumping Squats
8 Scapular Pull-ups
6 Good Mornings
4 Hang Muscle Cleans 45/35

Hang Power Clean  3-3-3-3-3-3-3

DB/KB: 3 Per arm

BW: Broad Jump + tuck jump

WOD: 8 mins AMRAP:
21 Deadlifts, 135/95
15 Pull-ups
9 Hang Power Cleans, 135/95

DB/KB: 21 - (2 Lunge +1 Deadlift)
15 Pull up = Bent over row 
9 per arm Hang Power Clean

BW: 30- Lunges
15- gymnastic push up
9 - broad jump + tuck jump


Strength: While we always want you to get as heavy as possible, the Hang Power Clean is a great way to work on form and technique, especially if you are new to the Olympic Lifts. Going from the Hang position is going to help you get your hips open, a common fault in both the Clean and the Snatch. Also, work on dropping under the bar as it's moving up, catching it in the rack position. You are going to have plenty of time to complete your lifts, so be sure to rest between each set. While resting, visualize the movement, and if you aren't sure if your form is right, or something feels off, grab a coach and ask them to watch. Remember, practice doesn't make perfect, it makes permanent. In other words, if you are making the same mistakes over and over, it's going to create muscle memory that is a lot harder to break.

WOD: Today is an 8 min AMRAP with a classic CrossFit rep scheme. Instead of doing 21, 15, and 9 reps of each, you are going to be doing 21 Deadlifts, 15 Pull Ups, and 9 Hang Power Cleans. It's okay to break up the reps into sets, just work on quick transitions between them. As always, challenge yourself to go as close to the prescribed weight and movement as possible, just modify accordingly to work on good technique and practice the exercises you might struggle with. Keep moving, go hard, and HAVE FUN with this one!

Friday, November 5th, 2021

Warm Up: 3 rounds for quality:
20 Rower Pulls (Max Cal in pull)
10 Box Step-ups
10 PVC Shoulder Pass Throughs 10 PVC Press

Fight Gone Bad
3 rounds 1 min per station:
Wall Ball, 20/14 10/9
Sumo Deadlift High-pull 75/55
Box Jump 20 in
Push Press, 75/55
Row Calorie
Rest 1 min

Wall Ball= thruster
Row = jump rope/ shuttle run

Wall ball= Squat jump
Sumo DHP= Cossack Squat
Box Jump= Broad jump
Push Press= Bench dip
Row = jump rope/ shuttle run


WOD: Fight Gone Bad is a classic CrossFit benchmark workout. It originated when Mixed Martial Arts fighter, BJ Penn worked with a CrossFit Coach to come up with a workout that would simulate a 3 round fight with 5 minute rounds. After completing the workout, Penn was asked how it was, and he said, "that was like a fight gone bad" and the name stuck.

The point of this workout is to get as many reps as possible of each exercise. You are going to be working for 5 minutes in a row with a 1 minute rest after each 5 minute period, just like in a UFC fight. The weight is relatively light allowing you to do a lot of reps in each 1 minute period. Since there is no rest or transition between exercises, it's going to help to know your strength and where you can really stack up the reps. For example, if you know you are going to struggle with the Wall Balls, and that you can crush the Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, make sure when the whistle blows for the start of that exercise, you are at your bar ready to go. Understand, I'm not telling you to sand bag the Wall Balls, challenge yourself to get as many as possible. Just know it's okay to stop the Wall Balls and few seconds early to maximize your time with the Sumo High Pulls. This was just an example, so use your own judgement as to where you know you can maximize your reps with any of the exercises.

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