Ignite Your Holiday Fitness Spirit with WildFire CrossFit's Holiday Hustle Bingo

November 22, 2023
Ignite Your Holiday Fitness Spirit with WildFire CrossFit's Holiday Hustle Bingo

The festive season is upon us, and at WildFire CrossFit, we're all about spreading the holiday cheer while keeping our fitness flames burning bright! To add an extra dash of excitement to your workouts, we're thrilled to introduce the WildFire CrossFit Holiday Hustle Bingo Challenge – a fun and festive way to stay on track and motivated during the holiday season.

The Goal: Ignite Your Fitness Flame Throughout the Holidays

We understand how challenging it can be to stay committed to your fitness journey during the holidays. That's why we've crafted the Holiday Hustle Bingo Challenge – a dynamic and engaging activity designed to keep you moving, motivated, and merry all the way to the New Year.

How It Works: Unwrapping the Rules of the Challenge

  1. $5 Donation Buy-In: Your entry ticket to the Holiday Hustle Bingo Challenge is a $5 donation, and the best part is, it's all going to support the Christmas Angel Program. Your sweat will not only benefit you but also bring joy to others in need. Our goal would be to help at least 10 kids that we can provide Christmas to.
  2. Challenge Duration: The Holiday Hustle Bingo Challenge kicks off on 11/24 and wraps up on 12/24, ensuring you have a solid month to embrace the festivities without losing sight of your fitness goals. Keep your bingo card at the gym– it's your roadmap to holiday fitness success!
  3. Coach-Approved Activities: Each bingo square represents a unique fitness or wellness activity. To mark your progress, a coach will initial each completed square. From attending holiday-themed workouts to sharing your favorite healthy recipes, the options are as diverse as our WildFire community.
  4. Two Squares Max Per Day: We know the holiday season is packed with events, so we're keeping it manageable. You can tackle up to two squares per day, ensuring a healthy balance between festive celebrations and fitness fun.
  5. Share the Joy on Social Media: Spread the holiday cheer by posting "proof" of your completed activities to your Instagram or Facebook story using #WildfireCrossfit and #holidayhustle. Your dedication not only inspires others but also enters you into the running for some fabulous prizes! *If you are not on social media take a pic an show that to a coach.

Scoring Big: Turning Activities into Tickets

Grand Prize: Unwrap the Gift of Personal Training Sessions

But wait, there's more! Every ticket you earn becomes your golden ticket for a chance to win 2 personal training sessions with a coach of your choice. You can also gift these sessions. It's our way of saying thank you for being a part of the WildFire CrossFit community and keeping the fitness flame alive this holiday season.

Join the Holiday Hustle Fun!

Ready to spice up your holiday workouts and join the WildFire CrossFit Holiday Hustle Bingo Challenge? Grab your bingo card, lace up your festive workout shoes, and let's make this holiday season the fittest and merriest one yet! Remember, the more you hustle, the merrier the season becomes.

Ignite your fitness flame, embrace the holiday hustle, and let's make this season one to remember at WildFire CrossFit! 🔥🎄 #WildfireCrossfit #HolidayHustle


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