Commitment Club at WildFire CrossFit

October 11, 2023
Commitment Club at WildFire CrossFit

“Commitment is the Match that lights the FIRE”


This is our Commitment Club quote. It is important because motivation doesn’t last, commitment does. How do you stay committed? By creating an environment that supports that commitment through accountability and focus. So what keeps you focused and accountable? That can be different for different people however one way is to focus on making it into the Commitment Club each month at WildFire CrossFit.

My personal story of the commitment club is the reason that I have increased my fitness level and gotten in the best shape of my life in the past 3 years. (and that’s even after doing CrossFit for the past 15 years)

2020 was a ___________, pick any word you want to describethat year. Any way you say it, that year was interesting. For me we doubleddown on our efforts to make sure all our members had access to equipment,coaching and community to keep their fitness, their sanity, and their humanconnection throughout such a stressful/scary time.

I wouldn’t change how we did things one bit. I loved everyminute of pouring my passion into others as we banded together to make itthrough that year.

What happened for me is that I needed to lead by example andparticipate in the workouts as much as I coached them. Before I would beinconsistent on taking classes or getting workouts in because I owned thegym….and there was always “owner” stuff to be doing instead.  Once a good friend called me out on thisinconsistency…I took notice. I looked at my beyond the whiteboard app and countedmy workouts. Here’s what my year looked like:

January – 9 days
February – 12 days
March – 12 days
April – 15 days
May – 15 days
June – 21 days
July – 23 days
August – 22 days
September – 15 days
October – 18 days
November –23 days
December – 25 days
Total 210

Up until March I was barely making the commitment club. InApril my decision was just to focus on getting in 12 workouts a month. Justshow up, do the work (whatever that looked like that day) and log it. Check thebox. Didn’t matter if it was RX…hardly any needed to be during Covid with oddobjects and using what we had available. I just wanted to show up. Show up forme and my fitness. As long as I was able to do that, my hope was that I couldinspire others to do the same.  

I ramped it up for a few months as I looked at my overallworkouts for the year and if I did ramp it up a bit.  I looked back at my 2019 total number….114.

Done, new goal, new focus, not only the commitment club eachmonth, but I could also get to 200!


I ended 2020 with 210 workouts and HUGE momentum of focusand accountability going into 2021.

My goal for 2021…..250….maybe even 275?

Keep reading to the end to see where I ended 2021….

For now let’s talk about How the Commitment Club at WildFireCrossFit works:

The goal of the commitment club is to help you be consistent moving for at least 12 workouts a month. When you log a workout in BTWB it counts towards that 12. When you have 12 logged workouts in BTWB at the end of the month you are IN! You have made the commitment club and guess what??!!?!?!


Everyone loves stickers and as silly as it may sound, it is a mark of an accomplishment that fuels the next month in your focus and your accountability which fuels your motivation and discipline to show up and log a workout. Even if that means showing up for yourself at home doing a home workout, on vacation doing a workout out of town or showing up to the gym and logging a workout there. In any scenario you are showing up for yourself and putting deposits of health and fitness into your personal health bank account.

THAT is what we want to celebrate, and THAT is what we want to help you focus on.

So log your workouts in BTWB!  

If you have questions we can help.  


Back to my story…..

So in 2021 I logged 286 workouts.

I still took rest days as that is a big part of increasing fitness levels and now that I have the habit of really focusing on my workouts and a commitment to myself to get them in I actually take more rest days. My goals have changed. Instead of just showing up and counting my logged workouts over the course of the year, I want to get stronger, increase my skills and techniques and work smarter.

If I had focused on all that in the beginning, I would have been overwhelmed and in fact I was.

When I would do a workout I would be “shoulding” all over myself. “I should be doing heavier weight, I should be faster, I should be able to do these skills.” “I’ve been doing CrossFit ____years, I should be good at it.”

All those “shoulds” kept me from being consistent and actually achieving the things I thought I should already have.

Consistency is the key.

I just needed a way to focus on the consistency first and keep my own head and my “shoulds” out of the way.

Focusing on hitting the Commitment Club did that for me and I want it to do that for you too. Once you have the consistency the momentum takes over and you will surprise yourself.

Which is why “Commitment is the match that lights the FIRE!”

See you in the Commitment Club!


-Coach Tiffany D

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