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Welcome To Wildfire CrossFit

Welcome to Wildfire CrossFit Phoenix, AZ! CrossFit is a fitness program like no other. It develops all ten areas of physical fitness using functional movements that are constantly varied and performed at high intensity. What does that mean for you? We combine weight lifting, cardiovascular endurance, body weight movements, and flexibility to offer a professionally coached program that produces results, never gets boring, and creates a strong community of people who work together to improve their lives through fitness.  Whether you’re looking to start your first fitness program, or are a seasoned athlete looking to improve performance, Wildfire CrossFit in Phoenix is for you. 

What's Happening at Wildfire Crossfit

  • Labor Day was just the Beginning!
    Labor Day was just the Beginning!

    According to Wikipedia, Labor Day “is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of workers {and it} constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of their country. Today is the 2nd anniversary of the first workout ever at WildFire CrossFit. We had just started work on the space that we had gotten into just two days before. We had pull up bars, barbells, plates, and some of our closest friends and family to celebrate the beginning of WildFire CrossFit. Since then we have put in every ounce of energy, passion, and enthusiasm into building our dream and in helping to create one of the most incredible fitness Communities ever.

    There were many people who were involved in making WildFire CrossFit what it is today including many of the people who were at that very first workout. The fact is that they bought into an idea, an idea that is just as true today as it was then. The idea is that we are average people who push ourselves to do above average things and through fitness, nutrition, and the relationships that we build we will be better, and more than that, we will be better together. WildFire is more than just a gym, more than just fitness and CrossFit. We push each other, we have fun together, we inspire each other, and that is what makes it so amazing. We go beyond just fitness everyday and because of the people who have been a part of it along the way it is a family.

    This weekend we went up to Prescott and took part in the Hotshots 19 memorial workout and the event was awesome. It was a hot day, many of our athletes didn’t go until the last heat, but we were there together, pushing each other to go harder and faster and to get through a very tough workout. When it was all done we celebrated together.

    Tiff and I want to thank every athlete and coach who has made WildFire what it is today. To us, it is not just a business or a job it is our life and it is a dream come true. Every day we get to watch as people get the most amazing results. We see people change in such a positive way in a short period of time. We have seen athletes evolve into coaches who are excited to help others reach their goals. And the relationships that have been formed will last forever. This is only the beginning and as this community grows the most important thing is that we do it together because that is what WildFire CrossFit is all about!

    Monday, September, 1st, 2014

    “WILDFIRE 20”
    20x Cleans
    200M Run
    20x Push Press
    200M Run
    20x Burpees
    200M Run
    20x Pull Ups
    200M Run
    20x Toes 2 Bar
    200M Run

  • Hotshots 19 on Saturday
    Hotshots 19 on Saturday

    This weekend the WildFire CrossFit Community will be heading up to Prescott to take part in the Hotshots 19 Memorial workout. There are over 400 athletes who will be participating in an event that is designed to remember the 19 brave men who gave their lives serving and protecting their community. Whether you are participating in this event OR just going to watch, you do NOT want to miss all of the action. It is going to be incredible. The first heat starts at 9 am and for those of you participating I would suggest getting up to Prescott by NO LATER THAN 8:15 am.

    The event will be held at Captain CrossFit in Prescott, AZ. The address is 420 6th St. The first heat will begin promptly at 9 am and the last heat will end at approximately 4 pm. The gym will be close on Saturday as we are encouraging as many people as possible to come up and cheer on the members of this amazing Community as they challenge themselves in this workout. So, grab your WildFire gear and come on up for some cooler weather, an awesome workout, and the amazing WildFire CrossFit Community this Saturday!

    Friday, August 29th 2014

    Warm Up: Foam Roll & Mobility

    2K Row

    Strength/Skill: Snatch Progression
    Power Snatch > OH Squat > Snatch Balance

  • Thursday WOD & Stay Tuned for Improtant Info

    STAY TUNED FOR IMPORTANT INFO regarding the Hotshots 19 workout this weekend in Prescott, AZ AND the Nutrition Challenge that will officially begin on the 13th of September. Both of these are events you DO NOT want to miss!

    As soon as we have more information about heat assignments and start times we will post on both the website and the WildFire Facebook page and details regarding departure time from WildFire and meeting spots up in Prescott.

    We have a few details we will be finalizing before posting the specifics on the Nutrition Challenge. We can tell you that you will be working with team and it is going to be REALLY good. We have a lot of fun new events planned and if you are serious about fitness AND nutrition you are going to want to be a part of all of it!

    Stay tuned.... 

    Thursday, August 28th 2014

    Warm Up: Line Drills & Running Mobility
    Jump Rope 2-3 Min

    Strength: Split Jerk 5-5-5-3-3-3

    WOD: 20 Min AMRAP
    15x Box Jumps
    10x Thrusters 95#/65#
    5x Toes 2 Bar
    400M Run
    50 Pts per round (run = 20)

  • In the Beginning...
    In the Beginning...

    Two years ago today I was working at another gym barely able to contain myself because I knew what was coming up. We weren’t sure if we would get the keys before the weekend and when Friday came and we got the call I was thrilled. I had seen the space only once before and could not wait to get inside and get to work. I left the gym in Scottsdale early and drove over with Mike to meet up with Tiff and Jenn to check out where we would be spending our foreseeable future. We pulled up around back, unlocked the back door, and in the middle of the place where you have all done so many WODs and shed so much blood sweat and tears was the raw garage space that we now call WildFire CrossFit. We knew there was a lot of work to be done and we were ready to get started.

    We grabbed brooms and dustpans, started unloading supplies and equipment, and got to work. We had equipment (bars, plates, boxes, med balls) but knew it would be a couple weeks before we got the flooring in and the pull up rig up. As we cleaned and unloaded equipment I called Mike Gillis from True Strength to find a time to have him come over to give us an estimate for the pull up rig as Mike called to see when we could get the gym flooring in. It was the first of many late nights getting prepared for the future.

    The next morning things could not have come together more smoothly. Mike pulled in with a truckload of stall mats that he was able get from a horse supply company and we started laying out the gym floor. Mike from True Strength showed up with pieces of a rig to give us an idea of where we would want it and what style of rig we would want. After deciding that the rustic unpainted look fit the space perfectly we started bolting down the rig that Mike brought with him. Instead of two weeks in we had our pull up rig, a gym floor, and all the equipment we needed after the first day.

    With Labor Day Monday we put out the invitation to do the first every workout at WildFire CrossFit and worked through the weekend to get the place ready. On Monday morning we welcomed in 18 of our closest friends and family including Pam & Kelly Foley, James & Amy Olson, and Kevin & Kelly Groff who are still pillars of the WildFire Community today. Since we didn’t have the white boards up yet we wrote the workout on Addie’s easel said 3-2-1-GO! …and the rest is history!

    This Monday will mark the 2nd anniversary of the first ever workout at WildFire CrossFit. We will have a shortened schedule for the Labor Day holiday and classes will be at 7am, 9am, and 12 pm. This will be a great opportunity to invite friends and family to experience WildFire CrossFit and it will be a workout you do not want to miss so join us to celebrate where we have come from and where this amazing Community is today!

    Wednesday, August 27th 2014

    Warm Up: 200M Row
                   10x OH Squats
                   10x Good Mornings
                   10x Paralette Dips
                   10x Superman
                   x 3 Rounds

    Strength: Deadlift 10-10-8-8-6-6
    100M Row Sprint after each round

    WOD: 10! Double Unders
                   10! Burpees
                   10! Sumo High Pulls

  • Online Resources and Tuesday Workout
    Online Resources and Tuesday Workout

    By: Coach Chris Stasik

    Social media and CrossFit go hand-in-hand.  It is proof of how important and powerful the community aspect of CrossFit is.  One could reasonably wonder if CrossFit would be as successful as it is without social media.  Many of us follow the WildFire website, are active on Facebook, and share our CrossFit pictures and stories with others who are like-minded.  One of my favorite things about social media is reading all the interesting articles people post about CrossFit-related topics.  Based on my own favorite sites and after talking with coaches, here are some of our favorite online resources all in one place. 

    A good place to start is  Follow the link for The CrossFit Journal.  I highly recommend a subscription.  Other good sites, in no particular order:

    General Information about CrossFit and Related Topics:  (Full Disclosure: My brother-in-law runs this site, but it is informative and worth visiting)

    Olympic Lifting:








    The above is an abbreviated list.  There are loads of great sites worthy of your time.  Many of the coaches follow a variety of sites not listed here, so hit them up if you are curious.  Don’t forget to check if you are looking for an instructional video.  Some of the above sites have an active Facebook presence and it is worthwhile to “follow” them.  I also recommend following on Facebook because they post some great stuff, including a lot of slow-motion Olympic lifts (my favorite!)

    Tuesday, August 26th 2014

    Warm Up: Tabata Row

    Strength: Push Press

    WOD: Tabata Work
    Push Press
    Sit Ups
    Ring Row
    KB Swing

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Latest News

  • Hotshots 19 WOD in Prescott, AZ – Saturday, August 30th 2014

    If there is one CrossFit event you will ever attend, make it this one!! This is a memorial workout for the Hotshots 19 who bravely died protecting the safety of their community. We will be heading up to Prescott to pay tribute and do a great workout in their honor. There will be hundreds of athletes from all over the Southwest participating in this event. Whether you are doing the workout or are just there to cheer on the members of the WildFire CrossFit Community, join the caravan and get up to Prescott for this incredible event.

  • April Events
    April Events

    Saturday, April 5th

    9:00 am Park WOD

    Kids WOD at Same Time

    @Cashman Park

    22222 N. 44th St.  Phoenix, AZ  85001

    Thursday, April 10th 

    7:30 pm FREE Kipping Clinic

    Saturday, April 19th

    10:00 am - 1:00 pm

    Iron Athlete Olympic Lifting Seminar

    The Snatch

    CLICK HERE to sign up 


  • March Events

    Saturday March 1st

    10:30am- 14.1 Open WOD

    Saturday March 8th

    8:00am- IAC Series Final Competition @Mesa SWAT

    10:30am- 14.2 Open WOD

    Saturday March 15th

    10:30am- 14.3 Open WOD

    Tuesday March 18th

    7:30pm Save Money & Eat Right

    with Christine Springer

    Wednesday March 19th

    6:15pm- Mobility Seminar 

    With Don Wong and Dr Chris Bonin

    at Total Lifestyle Chiropractic

    Click here for details

    Saturday March 22nd

    10:30am- 14.4 Open WOD

    Thursday March 27th

    7:30pm- Group Baseline

    Saturday March 29th

    10:30am- 14.5 Open WOD

    Paleo Potluck to follow the Open WOD


  • February Events
    February Events

    February 1st-  We had a great Olympic Lifting Seminar going over specifically the Clean and Jerk. The coaches from East Valley CrossFit and Iron Athlete did a great job going over proper form and technique to be able to lift heavy.  We even had a few PR's that day!  Set your calendar for Saturday April 19th from 10am-2pm for the next seminar, they will be teaching the snatch!
    February 2nd-  We now have all coaches CPR certified through the American Heart Association!  It was a great class where we got to learn how to save a life in an emergency.  This is just one more step in going beyond just fitness for our athletes.  Two of our CrossFit Kids were also certified in the course!  Way to go Jazmyn and Nick!
    February 13th and 14th-  Due to the athletes participating in the IAC Series we on February 15th, we will be doing the final Paleo Challenge WOD on February 13th, and weigh in and measurements on February 14th.
    February 15th-  We will be at the IAC Series event cheering on our Athletes.  This event is at CrossFit Fury located at 540 N Bullard Ave #15, Goodyear, AZ 85338.  THE PALEO CHALLENGE WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED AT THE COMPETITION!  
    February 17th-  
    We will be doing level testing at WildFire CrossFit @ 5:00pm there will be no evening classes that day.  Come out and see how far you have come as an athlete!
    February 18th-  Coach Tiffany will be giving a Fuel Your Fire (Paleo Follow Up) course @ 7:30pm.  This class is free and open to the public!
    February 19th- U the leader will be having a "Believe it's Possible" Workshop from 8:30-10:30am.  Click here to register

    February 27th-  The CrossFit Games 2014 Open begins!  Click here to register. Every Saturday we will be judging athletes as they complete their prescribed Open workouts.  

  • January Events
    January Events

    Saturday January 4th @10:30am

    Fuel Your Fire Nutrition Seminar

    AND Paleo Challenge 3.0 Kick Off

    Saturday January 11th @ 8:00am

    Paleo Challenge 3.0 Measurements and WOD

    Monday January 20th (MLK Day)

    Classes @  7am, 9am, Noon, and 5pm

    Saturday January 25th

    IAC Series Competition

    at CrossFit Infinate Strenght

    Monday January 27th @ 5:30pm

    LEVEL Testing

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