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Welcome To Wildfire CrossFit

Welcome to Wildfire CrossFit Phoenix, AZ! CrossFit is a fitness program like no other. It develops all ten areas of physical fitness using functional movements that are constantly varied and performed at high intensity. What does that mean for you? We combine weight lifting, cardiovascular endurance, body weight movements, and flexibility to offer a professionally coached program that produces results, never gets boring, and creates a strong community of people who work together to improve their lives through fitness.  Whether you’re looking to start your first fitness program, or are a seasoned athlete looking to improve performance, Wildfire CrossFit in Phoenix is for you. 

What's Happening at Wildfire Crossfit

  • Thursday Workout
    Thursday Workout

    Thursday, May 21st 2015

    Warm Up: Run 200 M
    Line Drills

    Core Grinder

    Strength: Push Jerk 3-3-3-3-3

    WOD: Tabata Row & Sit Ups

  • Memorial Day Murph For Coach Tom
    Memorial Day Murph For Coach Tom

    Tom Casella is a Coach at WildFire CrossFit. Among many other things he is an elite athlete with a work ethic many strive for a few reach. The last two years he has participated in the Games Masters Qualifier event as well as many other competitions throughout the year. Tom has three sons, Dylan, Ryan, & Jacob and he spends as much time as possible with them. Tom is a great Coach, a fantastic Dad, an incredible Friend, and an amazing part of the WildFire Community.

    A few weeks ago, Tom had a stroke. It has left him with no movement on his right side and very little speech. He is currently in a Rehabilitation center in Phoenix and working very hard to get better. While he has made improvements, it is going to take time. His family has been very overwhelmed with the kind words of support & encouragement and it shows how much Tom is loved to have so many people reach out to him.

    This Memorial Day, we are going to dedicate the “Murph” workout to our own hero, Coach Tom Casella. We will be accepting donations for him and his family. The fact is that they are going to need all the help they can get in order for Tom to get the care he needs. If you have friends or family who would like to sponsor you for your performance in “Murph”, please get a sheet at WildFire CrossFit. Anything helps and I know that Tom and his family will appreciate all of the help and support that they can get.

     Wednesday, May 20th 2015

    Warm Up: Run/Row & Mobility

    Core Work

    “The Seven”
    7 Round For Time Of:
    7x Handstand Push Ups
    7x Thrusters 135/95
    7x Knees To Elbows
    7x Deadlifts
    7x Burpees
    7x Kettlebell Swings 70/53
    7x Pull Ups

  • Cangratulations Valerie! Tuesday WOD
    Cangratulations Valerie! Tuesday WOD

    It came to my attention that ANOTHER WildFire CrossFit member got married over the weekend. CONGRATULATIONS to Valerie Hall! We wish you and Mike the very best. Thank you for everything you do as a member of our community. You set a great example and are always willing to welcome new members. THANKS for all you do and good luck to you both!

    Tuesday, May 19th 2015

    Warm Up: 3 Min Jump Rope
    1 Min Slowly up into headstand/frogstand/tripod with a mat under head
    1 Min L-Sit
    Cartwheel down the right side between

    Burgener Clean Warm Up

    Strength: Clean 5-5-5-5-5

    WOD: 21 – 15 – 9
    Clean 135/95 – Box Jumps 24/20

  • Congratulations Newlyweds!
    Congratulations Newlyweds!

    This weekend 2 members of the WildFire CrossFit Community were married. These athletes work hard, push each other, and always have a positive attitude as they work together to reach their goals. Those who CrossFit together stay together and I know that Sean & Sopy are going to have a long and happy life together! CONGRATULATIONS SEAN & SOPY!! We are so proud to have you as members of this community and wish you only the very best!

    Monday, May 18th 2015

    Warm Up: 500M Row
    1 Min Wall Sit
    1 Min Couch Stretch
    20x Push Ups
    20x Sit Ups

    Strength: 1 Rep Max Front Squat

    WOD: 10 Min AMRAP
    6x 1 Arm Push Press
    8x Lunge
    Switch Arms
    6x 1 Arm Push Press
    8x Lunge
    200M Run


    Our vision of what became the Fire & Ice Challenge would not have been possible without the help of all of our incredible volunteers who helped us judge, run scorecards, score the workouts, get equipment ready, sell retail, and a whole lot more. There were other people and companies who helped out along the way to really add another level to what we were able to do for this event. Throughout the week we are going to be recognizing athletes, coaches, and even spectators who made this event possible. Today we would like to recognize a company who really added a touch of class that really contributed to one of our favorite events of the competition: Double Your Squats, the 2 Rep Front Squat Ladder.

    For individuals this was a ladder that started at a light weight and went up in weight every minute on the minute for 10 minutes. They had to complete 2 Front Squats at each weight in order to advance. Teams had a total of 12 minutes (6 minutes for the Females and then 6 minutes for the Males) to find their 2 Rep Max Front Squat. Collars on the bar were required in order for the rep to count and because every second counts…it was helpful to have a set of collars that were not only easy and quick to get on and off, but stayed on for their partner to be able to complete their reps.

    A HUGE shout out and THANK YOU goes to OSO Barbell Collars for not only providing a great set of collars, they provided great collars with a touch of class!! In the heat of the moment you may not have noticed, but each set of collars was engraved with the WildFire CrossFit Logo on it. These collars are made with 6061 Billet aircraft grade aluminum, come in a wide variety of colors to match your favorite or your gyms favorite, AND they are backed by their 2 year warranty. Needless to say these barbell collars are made to take a beating. When you add in the fact that you can add things on them such as your gym’s logo, your name, a nickname, or even an inspirational message, there are no other collars we would rather use at our events or at WildFire CrossFit.

    So whether you are outfitting your box, setting up your garage gym, or just want your own personal collars that are better than the rest, go to www.osobarbellcollars .com TODAY to get the best that’s out there.

    For more info on the BEST of the BEST Barbell Collars out there, CLICK HERE to visit OSO BARBELL COLLARS TODAY!

    THANK YOU OSO BARBELL COLLARS for being part of the WildFire CrossFit Fire & Ice Challenge and helping the competitors save time and look good during a very challenging event. And THANK YOU Gary Hart for the introduction. It is the people and their great intentions and hard work that really make the Fire & Ice Challenge so special!!

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  • Tuesday, MArch 17th 2015: 50 States in a Year

    Katie & Samantha will be coming in as part of their 50 States in a Year fundraising tour. Help us welcome them in true WildFire Style and help them raise awareness about this months charity which is an Animal Rescue Site dedicated to saving animals from kill shelters.

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